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An Integrated Blockchain Platform


Modular Components

The building blocks you need to run an enterprise blockchain deployment



In any blockchain application, utilising the technology correctly is just part of the solution. That why we provide authentication and access control components, developer integration libraries and monitoring tools amongst other things to slot neatly into your existing infrastructure.


Easy to Use

Multiple integration layers for your existing enterprise applications



Built using Ethereum Technology

Enterprise-grade platform using Quorum™, an enterprise version of Ethereum developed by JP Morgan


Private Transaction Enclave

Keep sensitive private transaction data off the blockchain in our Crux transaction enclave


Flexible Deployment

SaSS, cloud or on-premise hosting options


Enterprise Authentication

Seamless integration with enterprise directory services (LDAP, OAUTH, Kerberos, ...) for access control


Monitoring and Analytics

Fully functioning dashboard for monitoring the blockchain, including full private transaction support


Developer Framework

Enterprise friendly developer tools built on the web3j framework


The Epirus Platform is made up of a number of core components, some of which can be used as stand-alone products in their own right.

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Visualisation

Our Blockchain Explorer provides a rich environment for viewing details of your smart contracts running and transactions taking place on the blockchain.

Want to try it out? We provide free and hosted versions.

Open Source Foundations

We favorite Open Source Software

We're big believers in the power of OSS. Our open source software is used by thousands of developers globally in their blockchain deployments from startups to tier-one enterprises.

Check out the web3j group of projects and the Crux transaction enclave.

Enterprise Ethereum


Quorum, originally developed by J.P Morgan is an enterprise-grade version of Ethereum. The blockchain is just one part of the platform, but we also support other blockchain platforms compatible with the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification.

Epirus Platform Pricing

It's really simple to get started and try out the Epirus platform.

$0 /mo

  • Run locally
  • 4 node Quorum network
  • No authentication services
  • Blockchain Explorer and Crux transaction enclave
  • In-memory Event Store
Get Started

$poa /mo

  • SaaS/cloud/on-premise hosted
  • Unrestricted Quorum network
  • Authentication and access-control
  • Blockchain Explorer and Crux transaction enclave
  • Dedicated Event Store
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Blockchain Explorer Pricing

We also offer trial and hosted Blockchain Explorers for using against existing Ethereum or Quorum networks
Development Blockchain Explorer


  • checkLocal Blockchain Explorer
  • closeProfessional support
  • closeAuthentication Services
SaaS Blockchain Explorer


  • checkCloud Hosted
  • checkProfessional support
  • closeAuthentication Services
Production Blockchain Explorer


  • checkLocal Blockchain Explorer
  • checkProfessional support
  • checkAuthentication Services

The Team

We're a team of passionate technologists striving to keep blockchain technology simple

Conor Svensson

Founder / CEO

Conor is a financial technologist who’s worked has spanned tier one investment banks to founding multiple startups. He wrote the Java Ethereum library web3j, is a Quorum contributor, and chairs the Standards Working Group in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Antony Denyer


Antony's Economics and Computer Science teachers both told him there was no crossover between the two subjects. 20 years later we're programming money

Puneetha Karamsetty

Software Engineer

Puneetha joined us from Samsung’s R&D department, where she was an LLVM compiler Software Engineer.

Ivaylo Kirilov

Software Engineer

Ivaylo joined after completing his MSci in Computer Science. He drinks coffee, writes Java and runs Linux. You will see him running workshops for web3j, the Java library for working with Ethereum.

Xavier Seguí

Expert Architect and Software Engineer

Xavier is our resident hexagalot - fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Italian, and of course a number of different programming languages. He also has an MSc in Complexity Science from ISCTE in Lisbon.

Sebastian-Stefan Raba

Software Engineer

Seba’s been coding since his teenage years, where he was an algorithmic competitor at national level back in Romania.

John Chang

Software Engineer

John’s a former engineer in Fintech who was bitten by the blockchain bug back in 2016 at University, where he was researching automatic payments for copyright holders on Ethereum.


Software Engineer

We're always on the lookout for exceptional people. Check our current listings here.

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